Sherlock Holmes
and His Victorian Milieu

Where It Is Always 1895


Here dwell together still two men of note
Who never lived and so can never die:
How very near they seem, yet how remote
That age before the world went all awry.
But still the game’s afoot for those with ears
Attuned to catch the distant view-halloo:
England is England yet, for all our fears–
Only those things the heart believes are true.

A yellow fog swirls past the window-pane
As night descends upon this fabled street:
A lonely hansom splashes through the rain,
The ghostly gas lamps fail at twenty feet.
Here, though the world explode, these two survive,

And it is always eighteen ninety-five.

Vincent Starrett
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The Holmesian Canon
This section contains notes and commentary on all the canonical tales, as well as links to the texts at

The Apocrypha
Here you will find notes and commentary on apocryphal stories attributed to Doctor Watson or Holmes. These tales are in the manner, style and form of the Canonical works. Although the term "Apocrypha" is used by deWaal and others to refer to works penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, we expand the term here to include serious pastiches by other authors. Those works which are humorous and/.or satiical in nature are covered in the following gallery.

Satirical and Humorous Works
Sherlock Holmes' popularity often made him an easy target for humor. This gallery focuses on those tales which satirize The Canon or those in the Canon. Both period and modern pieces are considered and discussed.

Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who cretaed Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson, Lestrade and moriarty, also wrote many other works. This Gallery will feature those other works, as well as Doyle's life.

Other Detectives of the Vixtorian Era
Sherlock Holmes was not the only detective of the period. In this section, we discuss other contemporaries, as well as modern works which place their protagonists in the Victorian era.

The Victorian Era
You can't hope to fully appreciate The Canon unless you understand the Victorian era. Here are sections on Victorian living (in all the classes), politics, technology, and other important facets of Victorian life.

The Always 1895 Society
This is a small, invitation-only group dedicated to the study of The Canon and the Victorian Era. This section of the site requires a login and password.

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